Melville is the first of many American originals from the Mystic Cheese Company.  This soft ripened cheese is held in our ripening chamber for a fleeting 7 days, Melville undergoes a tremendous metamorphosis from a cheese with an irregular, curdy body to a luxuriously silky, satiny, pudgy and blubbery texture that will readily succumb to to the slightest pressure of a blade.


Young Melville has a bright acidic and briny edge that quickly reaches a fine equilibrium of mellow tartness, rich lactones and a mild buttery finish. As Melville continues to ripen over the next 14 days, the texture continues to morph into a supple, elastic and wholly pliable state. The once ridged square form of Melville at once becomes a vague structureless, amorphous and singularly fatty globule of pure deliciousness. Now devoid of any potential puckery, a fully mature Melville  provokes your palette with a sweet, warm cultured butter note before quietly gliding back under the dark glassy sea leaving you cursing him and maniacally obsessing for more. 


Melville Monomania has begun.